Tootsies Rockridge: Shoes Local

Tootsies Rockridge Oakland CAIs it our imagination? There seems to be so few independently owned shoe shops in Oakland. Perhaps it’s one of those categories that people gave up shopping locally years ago because it’s just easier to go to a mall or order online. If that’s the case, we know of an indie in Rockridge, Tootsies, that can dispel that myth.

At Tootsies Rockridge, shoe shopping gets really easy. That’s because owner, Liz Taylor, has put together a shoe selection that has the best of a little bit of everything. And so it is they have: casual; work; night-out; and perfect for this dress or outfit shoes, sandals, and boots. And there is always a friendly and knowledgeable staff there to assist you. Indeed, they look forward to transforming you into a regular customer.

It’s just the kind of place where you buy shoes for people to later compliment you and say, “OMG! I love your shoes! Where’d you get them?” And then you happily reply with something like, “Oh, I bought them at this cool little shoe shop on College Avenue called Tootsies.”


Tootsies Rockridge in Oakland CABut they are also known for their creatively eclectic assortment of socks. The selection is so varied that it could be based upon an unpublished Dr Seuss poem. We’re talking about fun socks, statement socks, dress socks, ankle socks, cute socks, and sophisticated socks. In short, there are all kinds of socks.

Plus they have a vibrant assortment of handbags, cool backpacks, clothing accessories, and a little bit of this and that jewelry, wallets, and other accessories, etc. which makes it fun for browsing.

Local Shopping Made Really Easy

We wouldn’t be surprised if you started out at the sister shop, Crush on College, next door for the wardrobe refresh, and then went straight to Tootsies to buy the the shoes and accessories to complement the outfit.

Who said shopping local is hard? We say shoes local. 

Editor’s Note: We might have to come back and delete that pun. It’s pretty bad.

More About Tootsies Rockridge

Tootsies in Rockridge, Oakland CAWhat they offer: casual; work; night-out; and perfect for this dress or outfit shoes, sandals and boots. Handbags, cool backpacks, clothing accessories, lots of socks, and a little bit of this and that jewelry, wallets, etc. 

Address: 5525 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Phone: (510) 595-7272



Neighborhood: Rockridge, College Ave

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