Taylor Jay and the Oakland Fashion Scene

Taylor Jay in Uptown, Oakland, CaliforniaWe are lucky here in Oakland. We’ve got some talented entrepreneurial clothing designers in our midst. And a handful of them have brought their creative vision to life in their own Bricks & Mortar stores. And countless other Oakland Indie boutiques curate local emerging designers and brands. As such, we’ve come to see Oakland as the Indie version of Milan. At the very least, we have our own burgeoning fashion scene. One of the extraordinary talents is Taylor Jay.

The day we went to visit Taylor Jay was just a spontaneous decision to drop in as we were in the Uptown neighborhood doing other errands. It all seemed a little more energetic than usual as we walked up Broadway. People were spilling out of The Hive and buzzing like bees. We took note but resisted the urge to inquire about the crowd. We just continued on the few steps to the shop.

Taylor Jay in Uptown Oakland CaliforniaAs we entered, a customer asked us the question that instantly clarified the mini mystery. “Did you see Kevin Hart?”


“He was just here. You just missed him. He’s visiting Oakland to support local black-owned businesses today.”

It felt a little Milan at that moment but, even better, it was more authentic Oakland. Because that is what The Town — and Taylor Jay – – is. She embodies a So Oakland spirit and you can see those values stitched into her collection: The designs are for real women and our everyday experiences. The essentials are fashioned with comfort, versatility, and sustainability in mind. As for the quality and new classic style, it’s easy to imagine owning pieces and enjoying them for a lifetime.

And there was the ever-so-genuine Taylor Jay, so warm and bubbly with the excitement of the spectacle. We were excited for her. We wished we had more time to chat with her before she left to join in the celebrity celebration of Oakland. But we get it!

After all, it’s attention she’s worked hard for and certainly deserves.

More About Taylor Jay

What they offer: All essentials that a woman wants and needs designed with comfort and style in mind. Jumpsuits, pants, skirts, dresses, and more. Other delights to indulge your body and skin. Authenticity. Love.

Address: 2355 Broadway, Ste 1, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-467-0432
Website: www.taylorjaycollection.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/shoptaylorjay
Neighborhood: uptown Oakland, downtown Oakland

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