Shoes on Solano: Walking in Shop Local Shoes

Shoes on Solano in Rockridge, Oakland CaliforniaWe’ve oft wondered why women’s shoes have to strangle and torture our feet. Surely, none of us can count the number of times that we’ve frantically flung off our shoes upon leaving an event — whether on the sidewalk, in our cars, or as soon as we get home. Indeed, we’ve all been guilty of abusing our soles.

But, they looked so good, we’ll lament only to ourselves.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way when you shop at local shoe stores. Especially when they are founded and run by women who love (LOVE) both design and comfort equally.

So it’s very fortunate that Oakland has Shoes on Solano on College Avenue in Rockridge. Carol Fabretti and her always cheerful and expert staff demonstrate why independent shoe boutiques are so important to our shop local feet.

And it’s all grounded in Carol’s 30 years of fashion experience under her well-curated (and matching) belt. And you can tell that she enthusiastically imparts her vast knowledge upon her employees. Let’s just say they all know what they’re “walking about” when they work with customers. As it turns out, they walk through six weeks of training and wear the Shoes on Solano shoes.

So, if you were to challenge one of them to “try walking in your shoes”, well, they probably already have.

And because they’re comfortable in their own shoes, they can help you find your fancy-or-fun footwear. Indeed the Shoes on Solano philosophy is that the shoes “have to look so good and feel really good.” You might say that every pair has got to have Sole. And this is particularly true of Carol’s own label, SoleTerra. Yes, they’re designed in Oakland and produced in Portugal with beautiful Italian glove and novelty leathers.

Yes. Shop small and your shoes are going to fashionably fit forevermore!


More about Shoes on Solano

Shoes on Solano in Rockridge in Oakland CAWhat they offer: shoes, sandals, boots, sneakers, handbags, and accessories. Super fly shoe brand SoleTerra – designed in Oakland!
Address: 5933 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: (510) 823-2290
Neighborhood: Rockridge

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