Uhuru Furniture: A Gold Mine of Rich Experiences

Uhuru FurnitureUhuru Furniture on Lakeshore AveUhuru, as far as we can tell, must mean “magic.” Because that’s what we discovered during one of our local shopping trips to Grand Avenue. We poked around and took pictures of this award winning not-for-profit Grand Ave institution. It overflows with second-hand furniture, housewares, and other collectibles. It’s not an overstatement to say that it’s a gold mine of gently used and restored furniture. Their embarrassment of riches makes great photographic subject matter. And, all of these treasures are for sale at reasonable prices.

But, even better, we love their mission to support self-determination of the African working class in Oakland. Indeed, Uhuru is 30 years of proof that shopping local has a very powerful and positive impact on the communities in which we live.

Uhuru FurnitureThen, our time there even got better when we met a chatty long-time customer. Sandra, has shopped at Uhuru since it opened in 1988. She said her house is filled with their furniture and we believe her! She oohed and aahed over the offerings as we talked about life. We learned a bit about her: She’s a pastor in Vallejo and lives in Oakland. Born and raised? She must be. Her spirit is So Oakland. We talked about how much we all love Oakland and agreed that it’s a very special city. We could sit at a cafe all day and learn more about her. She was something else. And our lives are that much richer for having met her. Thank you Sandra! 

The Town is filled with stories of little shop local magic connections. 

More about Uhuru Furniture

Uhuru FurnitureWhat Uhuru Carries: furniture, collectibles, home accessories, home decor, tables, chairs, desks, wardrobes, dressers, sofas loveseats, dining room sets, outdoor furniture, love of community, and lots more! Used, second hand, vintage, antiques, mid-century modern, and all time periods.



Sales: Uhuru is always having great Sales

Address: 3742 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone:(510) 763-3342

Instagram: www.instagram.com/uhurufurnitureo/

Website: uhurufurniture.blogspot.com/

Neighborhood: Grand Lake, Grand Ave

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