Gold and Rust, Frizzle, Sizzle, & Mid-Century Modern

Gold & Rust Piedmont Ave

What does a Frizzle Sizzle Have to do with Shopping Local at Gold and Rust?

It has everything to do with that shop oakland vibe that we often write about. For us, the Frizzle Sizzle symbolizes what is so oakland about The Town and why shopping local is so meaningful.

One day, a couple of months ago, we took a Friend of LOCALMOTIV shopping. We made a stop at Gold and Rust. This is a special little shop on Piedmont Ave that specializes in walking you back in time to your cool mid-century modern living room. If you weren’t alive back then, that’s okay. You’ll discover a lot about the era and lament that you weren’t born in time to live it.

Gold & RustAnd, if that experience is not enough, then there’s Cass, who owns the shop with her husband, Seth. We think she came of age in the 60s or 70s and transported herself to the  2000-teens to visit us. Because she is a vibrant, beautiful human, who radiates positivity and love. It’s the kind of energy you imagine was in abundance back in those days. And, You just can’t help but be happy when you are around her.

The Frizzle Sizzle Moment

Gold & RustAnyway, our Friend of LOCALMOTIV, Nina, was oohing and aahing all over the store. Finally, we’d finished shopping and were about to leave and then didn’t. For some reason, the intriguing assortment of plants caught our (really Nina’s) attention. In all the selection, Nina spied this one kooky little plant, with an adorable little twist. It peaked her interest.

On the other hand, we thought it looked half dead. And, it was barely more than a weed. But, she loved it.

Gold & Rust Frizzle SizzleCass saw all this go down and said, “it’s a Frizzle Sizzle.”

Well, the name of the plant sealed the deal for Nina. Cass continued, “I’ll just give it to you. To be honest, I don’t think it will make it.” She gave Nina the instructions on how to take care of this fragile little thing and again insisted that she take it for free. “It’s a gift, really.”

And look at it today. It’s a healthy happy Frizzle Sizzle. And Nina regularly sends us photos of its progress.

And you just can’t buy experiences like that on the internet. Shopping local is a gift.

Gold & RustMore About Gold and Rust

It’s a way cool shop that has a mix of vintage/mid-century modern style. You’ll find some new and some old: furniture, home decor, home accessories, unique plants (like the Frizzle Sizzle), and other surprising goods. New things are always coming into the store.

Very relaxed vibe and gentle sense of fun.

Address:4268 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

Phone:(510) 250-9427

Instagram: www.instagram/goldandrust


Neighborhood: Piedmont Ave

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