Alcatrash: Awesome Objets De Trash

Alcatrash on Telegraph Ave in Oakland, CASo, do we really need to write about Alcatrash? Surely the name captures the essence. And, if you still need more information to decide whether you want to visit, check out their Instagram account where they describe themselves as Vinyl Records, Trash N Fashion. Legal Side Hustle. Really, how do we top that?

Well, we’ll start our effort by describing it as a tiny, treasure trove of trash.

So, if you have a quirky sense of humor, we think Alcatrash is for you. If you’re a non-conformist–or someone in your life is–go to Alcatrash. And, if you love weird and wonderful, yep, Alcatrash is the answer.

Alcatrash on Telegraph Ave in Oakland CAIndeed, it’s an amazing collection of objets de trash. But, they also have some excellent vinyl as well as vintage-cool clothing and accessories, particularly some classic t-shirts. There’s a lot of stuff that harkens back to the 60s, 70s and 80s–if you’re a fan of those epic eras.

No doubt, if you’re in a certain age group you’ll find a curious curio from your youth that you’d entirely forgotten about. And the rediscovery will be sure to bring you great joy. Rest assured, you’ll have at least one wow, I totally forgot about this moment. And the younger generations will marvel at all the “cool stuff” that we had back then.

Alcatrash on Telegraph Ave in Oakland, CAFinally, if you need to chill out or to seriously laugh out loud, we recommend you spend some time at Alcatrash. Bring a partner-in-crime. Because we must have spent at least forty-five minutes looking around this legal side hustle and we had the best time.

In short, it makes a beautiful trashion statement about bygone times.

More About Alcatrash

Alcatrash on Telegraph Ave in Oakland, CAWhat they offer: It’s a tiny powerhouse of kooky but serious vintage and old stuff whether clothing, accessories, records, curious curios, and more. Lots of awesome objets de trash!

Address: 6404 Telegraph Ave Oakland CA 94609

Phone: TBD


Website: NA

Neighborhood: Temescal(ish), Telegraph Ave

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