Standard & Strange Styles Up The Men

We believe that Standard & Strange has a great job. They get to make men look really good every day.

How do they accomplish this feat? Well, it’s a men’s denim shop curated by proprietors with very high expectations for quality and unique style. It has the denim classics (the “standard”) and the statement making different (the “strange”). Love it. And it has a quirky, warm shopping ambience.

But, they can also help the customer who is not into shopping vibes and doesn’t really want to be there. Gen once told me that he can get anybody styled and out the door in 10 minutes. I believe him. Whether it takes just minutes or you spend an hour, Standard & Strange is there to help you explore your individual style. 

Standard & Strange Inside Temescal ShopAnd it’s a seamless process because their collection is so well thought out. They say that they are “home to the absolute best in denim, boots, and more from Japan, USA, and Europe.” We certainly won’t dispute that claim. They’ve got stunning leather jackets, shirts, shoes, boots, belts, and other manly accessories.

In short, they’ve got the whole outfit, and the expertise, there waiting for you. 

How About Gift Shopping?

Standard & StrangeWe think this is the perfect place to take the man in your life to get him all styled up. You can literally dress him from head to toe with hats, leather jacket, shirts, jeans, and boots. They’ve some serious “ooh and aah” inventory.


More about Standard & Strange

Standard And Strange DoorwayWhat They Carry: Jeans, shirts, jackets, shoes, boots, hats, accessories, and cool casual style

Address: 5010 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Phone: (510) 373-9696



Neighborhood: Temescal

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