Urban Eclectics is Shop Local Electric

Did you know that shopping local can electrify your mood?

That’s our latest epiphany — or re-piphany (because we think we knew that already but had somehow forgotten).

Anyway, that is what happened when we accidentally visited Urban Eclectics. It started on our walk back to the car on coronavirus-abandoned Washington Street while we were deep in COVID-19 contemplation about the worrying state of Oakland small businesses.

Then we noticed — from a distance — that art, curios, furniture, home decor accessories, and other mystery objects were spilling out of a shop. Or more accurately, the cache was bursting out of the shop. Because the old building just couldn’t possibly contain this joyous collection inside. Either way, it was a rare but happy sign of shop local life in Old Oakland that afternoon. So it peaked our interest. Curious, we headed towards this beacon of shop Oakland light.

We quickly discovered that light only shines brighter when you meet electric Kimberly Jones, the owner — or rather inventor — of Urban Eclectics. Indeed, it’s her creative soul that radiates in all that she does. And she does a lot.

To begin with, she is a local artist, collector, and designer. She channels her talents into “creative recycling” projects and up-cycles, repurposes, paints, and restores once discarded pieces. It’s an abundant miscellany of Eclectic objets d’everything that she has lovingly put together. Her mission is to connect them with customers who’ll love and appreciate them again.

But, alas, as with most of the Town Biz merchants we’ve met, it’s not just what she does that powers the Oaktown shopping vibes, it’s who Kimberly is. And she is all lit up with a contagious local love.

Happily, her infectious energy made us forget about the coronavirus for a while. And that is why our melancholy mood was raised and our Shop Local spirit restored during an unplanned trip to Urban Eclectics.

Urban Eclectics on Washington Street in Oakland, CaliforniaWhat they offer: An abundant collection of Eclectic objets d’everything from any era: home furnishings, accessories, and decor; art (local artists!); rugs; lamps; and other curios to peak your curiosity. They host regular local art events (when there’s no pandemic). It’s up-cycled, recycled, refinished, repurposed love.




Address: 735 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-823-2205
Instagram: www.instagram.com/urbaneclecticsoakland
Website: www.urbaneclecticsoakland.com
Neighborhood: Old Oakland, Downtown Oakland,

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