Farmstead Cheeses & Wines is my Farmstead Family

Farmstead Cheeses & WinesA Long Local Relationship

Farmstead Cheeses and Wines is one of the reasons I started LOCALMOTIV. Owner, Jeff Diamond, opened his first shop in 2003. I believe I discovered it in early  2004 and have been a regular customer since then. 

I call Jeff my “wine dealer” because he hooks me up with just what I need and even more. But he’s really more than that. I mean, he knows my family, friends, and dog. He’s seen me through a few jobs, illnesses, and breakups. He’s watched me put together LOCALMOTIV. But more than anything, he knows my wine preferences better than I do! And that is a priceless local shopping gift you’ll never get from big wine retail. 

Local Wine Merchants Have the Best Wines

Farmstead Cheeses & WinesThough I have bought a lot of wine, I can’t complain about the prices. I’ve done price comparisons and found Jeff’s prices usually beat competition. And he definitely has a more intriguing and eclectic selection than the usual suspects at national chains. I’m not quite sure how he does it but if you are going to spend around $10 for a bottle of wine, it will be the best $10ish bottle that you’ll ever find. And it gets better from there if you can afford to invest a few more bucks in a bottle. 

Farmstead Cheeses & WinesDid I mention the cheese? I am no expert. But all I have to do is chat with a knowledgeable staff member. They always guide me to fantastic choices just by getting an understanding of my tastes, wine and food pairings, and purchase history. And I can sample until I find just the right cheese. Sometimes, it takes a lot of samples. 

Now that’s what it’s like to shop local! 

More About Farmstead Cheeses & Wines

What they Carry: Wine, cheese, crackers, fine foods, wine club memberships (and discounts for members), tasting events, and superb wine recommendations.

Address: 6218 La Salle Ave, Oakland, CA 94611
Phone: (510) 864-9463
Instagram: www.farmstead_cheeses_wines
Neighborhood: Montclair Village


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