Dr Comics & Mr Games: A Shop Local Secret

Dr Comics and Mr Games endless selectionPssst. You want to know a secret? There’s this cool comic book store on Piedmont Ave called Dr Comics & Mr Games. It’s an unknown entity to many–hidden away in plain sight on Piedmont Ave. But, it’s actually a thirty-two year-old establishment that is also famous across the Bay Area for its massive collections of comics, manga, graphic novels, board games, and more.

For those who frequent Dr Comics & Mr Games, they know it’s a special shop local experience.

No doubt it’s because co-owners, Paula and Michael, brazenly run the shop as if local shopping still matters. Indeed, they believe in some fundamental shop local principles. First, it’s all about passion. As Paula explains, they are both lifelong fans of the comic book genre. So, they love what they do.

And Local is Expertise

Dr Comics & Mr Games on Piedmont Ave in Oakland, CAAs such, they have happily developed their depth of knowledge over a generous number of decades. It’s safe to say they’re authorities on comic books and other leisure pastimes. Importantly, they also have a team of employees that are each subject matter experts in their own fields of interest. All of this study leads to each genre being lovingly curated by the staff member who knows it best.

Remember Customer Service and Community?

The third key element to the local experience is that old-fashioned concept of customer service. Indeed, it’s still practiced here. Many customers are greeted by name as they walk through the door. And, employees will chat your ear off about the latest and greatest–or the entire history–of the topic at hand. Whatever you want to know, they will gladly impart to you. And they will get that hard-to-find issue you’ve been looking for forever.

It’s really just about the pure enjoyment of these genres that creates the final piece of the puzzle for the total shop local experience: Community. And as Paula says, the audience has broadened and is much more diverse than a few decades ago. It’s no longer just the sweaty teenage boy-nerds who enjoy the comic book world. It reflects the changes in the narratives and characters which have become richer and multi-dimensional. These newer stories have a wider appeal. And, Dr Comics is a place to go and share in that passion.

More About Dr Comics & Mr Games

Dr Comics & Mr Games in Oakland CAWhat they offer: An extensive selection of comics, manga, graphic novels, board games, toys, and more. If they don’t have it, they can find it. Authentic shop local experiences, including unparalleled customer service. Community.

Address: 4014 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

Phone: (510) 601-7800

Instagram: www.instagram.com/drcomicsmrgames/

Website: NA

Neighborhood: Piedmont Ave

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