Kelly’s Corner: Maternity to Motherhood & More

Kelly's Corner Kids in Laurel District, Oakland, CAWe love Laurel District. It’s mixed and so very diverse. Some say it’s the last true Oaktown neighborhood. But, it’s probably not known as a big shopping destination. What it does have is a small community of enthusiastic and energetic proprietors that add vitality to MacArthur Blvd life. Jackie is one of those merchants and owns Kelly’s Corner.  

Unfortunately, Jackie, was very busy when we dropped by but that is okay, we’re happy when that happens. She was proccuppied because she is running a store that every mom needs and wants. In short, Kelly’s Corner is a mothers and moms-to-be piece of heaven. 

First, it’s a go-to solution for kids. They have it all covered for kids from 0-12. it has a most practical solution for clothing children. Kids have a nasty habit of growing up way too fast. So, Kelly’s Corner has a bountiful and carefully curated selection of previously loved kids clothing. Parents can feel good about dressing their kids in great styles that are in fantastic condition. Secondly, it has a vast selection of new toys, books, and other kid accessories. 

Kelly's Corner In Laurel District Oakland, CAKelly’s Corner also problem solves for forgotten moms and moms-to-be. Can anybody argue that they don’t get overlooked in their transformed baby/toddler/kid world? So, for those moms-in-waiting, Kelly’s has an expansive maternity selection to choose from.

Kelly's Corner Ellen Klima and Booby TrapAnd, for nursing moms, there’s Ellen’s Booby Trap nursing bras. Go for free fittings by Ellen Klima. She has decades of doula experience.

Truly, any mom can find some treasures to pamper herself with. Clothes, accessories, soaps, and other assorted little gifts so she can remind herself that she is important too. 

If Kelly’s Corner had focused only on kids clothing, toys, and books, that would have been plenty. But Jackie has clearly thought mom life through from maternity to motherhood. Pretty awesome.  

More About Kelly’s Corner

What they offer: Everything you need for moms-to-be and kids 0-12. Plus mom can spoil herself too.

Address: 3901 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619

Phone: (510) 531-6810



Neighborhood: Laurel District


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