Shoshin Shop Local Sun is Sho-Shining

Shoshin in Rockridge, Oakland California

We live in the era of “bigger is better” — or so we’re told. So, we shop at National, Big Box, and Ecommerce retailers. All are committed to deliver a seemingly endless supply of mass-produced and very ordinary furnishings and uninspired home decor accessories.

However, we see a special trend in our shop local adventures in Oakland. We put forth that the best things come in small packages. And Oakland Indie retailers are some of the best small packages. If you’re not sure, check out Shoshin, a home design consulting studio and a home decor and furniture shop in Rockridge.

Indeed, it’s an unassuming and charming boutique that one could easily miss on College Ave. But, please do take notice.

And learn about how Shoshin is inspired by the Japanese concept of the same name.

For one thing, it bursts with a welcoming, enthusiastic, and creative energy. We know this because the day we visited, we met the effervescent Jessica, who is a designer and product curator for the shop. We wonder who wouldn’t want to work with her! But the openness starts with the inviting dutch doors entrance. And, it’s obvious in the carefully curated merchandise for sale. Each piece can spark a design idea that has limitless possibilities to grow.

Now all we have to do is meet Shoshin owner and mastermind, Alexis, because we’d love to learn more about how she approaches design with Shoshin’s beginner’s mind.

Because clearly, this little shop, is out Shoshin-ing the Corporate America experts sitting in their corporate offices.

More About Shoshin

Shoshin on College Ave in Oakland, CaliforniaWhat they offer: Home design consulting, home decor and furnishings shop. Enthusiasm and expertise.

Address: 5914 College Avenue Oakland, CA 94618

Phone: (510) 399-5800



Neighborhood: Rockridge, College Ave

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