Grand Lake Sew & Vac: Old-School Teaches a Few Things

I cannot capture in a very short article how important Grand Lake Sew & Vac is to us. They are a survivor of a bygone era when shopping local was the thing to do. And they are old school and no-frills. They don’t even have social media accounts!

It’s no secret that our dream is that these types of shops make a come back as electronics, hardware, computer, and appliance shops. Or return as stores in any other category that has been overtaken and ruined by Corporate America retailers. 

They epitomize what local shopping can be — and what big box, national, and ecommerce retailers definitely are not.

Grand Lake Sew & VacSo Good to See Old-School Grand Lake Sew & Vac

Because when you walk into this rather utilitarian shop, you will meet two of the most honest, genuine, warm merchants you can imagine. Hassan has owned the store for several years now and Bobby is his nephew who helps out. They will tell you they can repair your vacuum rather than convince you to buy a new one. I know this because I told Hassan I needed a new vacuum, he explained to me that my old Dyson was still about the best vacuum around and it wasn’t worth buying a new one. He said he’d fix mine and he did. It’s worked perfectly since. 

Grand Lake Sew & VacOn this day we spent time with Bobby. He was brimming with pride about his uncle’s shop. Hassan was knee deep in repairs. And, we ran into one extremely happy customer that proclaimed his vacuum had been repaired in less than two hours. They were also repairing a 100 year-old sewing machine.

Now, if you want to buy sewing machines or vacuums, they will work with you on prices too. We’re pretty sure they’ll come close to matching online prices. They leave you no reason to shop online or at big box stores.

WE LOVE THEM. Please go visit them and tell them LOCALMOTIV sent you!

Grand Lake Sew & VacMore About Grand Lake Sew & Vac

Pure old-school shopping with warm, authentic, expert merchants and employees. Always try to repair what you have first. But, if you need to buy, they have the essential selection of vacuums, sewing machines, and parts. And if they don’t have something you need, they’ll find it for you.
Address: 3250 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Phone:(510) 465-4166
Neighborhood: Grand Ave, Grand Lake District

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