Custom Sofa Co. Sofa, So Good

Custom Sofa Co. In Oakland CAWhen you approach Custom Sofa Co., you might wonder if it’s a chain store because it’s a fairly large retail space for the Grand Ave neighborhood. And, the name probably does not immediately say wonderful family business here to make your sofa buying experience the best sofa buying experience ever.

But it is an awesome family business! And it was opened by two young entrepreneurs, Diego and his twin brother Damian, in early(ish) 2019. They grew up in the sofa business working for their father. With the support of Dad, they branched out on their own to Oakland. Lucky us! OMG.

Custom Sofa Co. on Grand Ave in Oakland, CADiego and Damian are an example of how shopping Oakland sparks joy in unexpected ways. Honestly, we didn’t think we’d have so much fun at a sofa shop. Seriously, sofas had never been so interesting to us until dreamy Diego told us about his family venture with his brother. No doubt, they will connect with you and put together the perfect sofa for your home. From what we can tell, customization is mostly included in the cost. This means you have a pretty free reign to design the best sofa to fit your needs. So, they have the sofa selection, the colors, and the fabrics. Most importantly, they have the energy, enthusiasm, and 25 years of expertise to help you through the process.

If you have plans to go to a big chain retailer. Please don’t. Just go visit Diego and Damien and have fun buying your new sofa.

We can’t believe we’re saying this but, we can’t help the pun… Sofa, So Good! LOL.

More About Custom Sofa Co.

Custom Sofa Co. in Oakland, CAWhat they offer: OMG A lowest price guarantee; a large selection of fully customizable sofas, love seats, sectionals, chaises, and ottomans; all locally made in California; choose your color and fabrics; two of the nicest young entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet.

Address: 3304 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: (510) 316-4434

Instagram: @customsofa_co


Neighborhood: Grand Ave, Grand Lake District

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