Oo La La Gifts & Accessories: A Fantastic (Negrito) Story

PART 1: A Story From The Owner

Tracey Friley of Oo La La Gifts & Accessories has such great stories. Better than anything we could tell. She is a natural storyteller. And, she has a lot of gems to relate to us because she’s seen a lot go down on Channel 17 (a.k.a. 17th Street) over the last eleven years. Needless to say, her Instagram posts make for great reading.

This one–that we are about to share with you–really captures the magic of shopping local. And, we think it also captures the spirit of Oo La La perfectly. Indeed, this story wouldn’t happen at a national or big box retailer. It certainly couldn’t happen if everyone just shopped online at ecommerce behemoths. Yes, it is a uniquely shop local story that belongs to Oo La La. And, we love it!

You can also find this story on Tracey’s Instagram here.

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#Throwback & Long post alert: It took me 11 years to start an IG page for my little shop here on 17th Street…but here we are. . SO many things have happened over the years. And here is one of them…from Oakland to Paris. . When he walked into my little store in Oakland, CA during Christmas season 2017 (first photo), I smiled instantly. Ends up his outfit was as colorful as his personality. We talked for awhile as he looked around. Among many other things, he told me how much he loved Oakland, told me he was a musician (after I asked), and told me he was a recovering narcissist. I smirked & raised an eyebrow (I'm sure of it) and watched him scan the store for the woman in his life. . When he was all set to leave with his purchase, I asked him if I could take his photo. "You match my store," I said. "I do," he laughed. Right before he left, I remembered to ask his name. I had, after all, just had a great convo and taken his photo. . "Fantastic Negrito," he said. "Fantastic Negrito," I repeated (surprised but not really). And then he went several doors down to one of his favorite restaurants for Japanese fried chicken….@aburayaoakland. And I went back to work. . About a week later, I Googled him. He's as interesting as I thought he might be. And he sings black roots music. He is 2017 Grammy Award Winner @FantasticNegrito. And on this night (see slideshow), I saw him perform for the first time while I was in Paris at @cafedeladanse_paris. He rocked the doggone house. . “Oakland in the house,” I said smiling when I walked up to him after a fantastic show where his fans sang his lyrics in unison. “17th Street representing,” I giggled (the name of the street my store & the Japanese fried chicken are on). He was signing autographs. . “OMG!” he laughed. “You gave me my hat! #anotherstoryentirely “I wore it for most of my tour.” . “I know,” I said, having had a proud moment when scoping out his IG. . More small talk. Then “I’ll see you in Oakland one day soon.” See you in Oakland, Xavier. . . #facesofoakland #shopoakland #oolalagifts #oolalagiftlounge #oaklandloveit #oakland #keepitoakland #oaklandinparis #fantasticnegrito #negritonation 📷: #diaryofanoaklandshopgirl

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More About Oo La La

Part 2: LOCALMOTIV’s Story here.

What they offer: A love of all gifts and accessories! This shop is an ode to owner, Tracey’s love of shopping. If the item gives her a happy feeling then it will end up in Oo La La. Visit if you want to take in some beautiful shop local vibes and spoil yourself or someone special in your life. A beautiful black owned business.

Address: 386 17th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: (510) 393-9300

Instagram: www.instagram.com/diaryofanoaklandshopgirl/

Website: www.oolala.gifts/

Neighborhood: Downtown

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