Oaktown Spice Shop: A Very Spicy Love Story

Oaktown Spice Shop on Grand Ave in Oakland, CAWe think Oaktown Spice Shop is one big spicy Oaktown love story. However, it actually begins with co-owner John Beaver falling in love with spices back in his Milwaukee days. Indeed, he was a high school student when his spice world opened up during a visit to a local spice shop. Though he wouldn’t have known it at the time, his life changed forever when the owner of the shop saw his enthusiasm and hired him for it.

Sometime later, Erica Perez fell in love with John on a third date after he made her what must have been one delicious pizza from scratch. The pair moved to Oakland in 2009 and happily discovered a food-loving culture. It didn’t take them long to realize that foodies in Oakland didn’t have any high quality options for spices. And thus the seed of Oaktown Spice Shop was planted. And by 2011, the first shop opened with John as the only employee.

And ever since then, Oakland has been falling in love with Oaktown Spice Shop. The warm fuzzy feelings begin to develop as you approach the store. You start to notice both an exotic and familiar combination of fragrant spices that entice you to go into the shop.

Love at First Sight

Oaktown Spice Shop in Oakland CAOnce inside, it’s really just a matter of love at first sight. You’ve just entered into an action packed world where staff are grinding and mixing spices, organizing shelves, and chatting with customers. And the comforting aromas waft through the shop and prompt you to ask someone–anyone–what is that awesome smelling spice? Now you know that you need fresh ground spices in your life. And, you feel compelled to explore this exotic world more. Soon, you are experimenting with anything and everything they have to offer. Yep, you are in Oaktown Spice Shop love. And, it’s a very spicy relationship….

Don’t ever leave us Oaktown Spice Shop!

More About Oaktown Spice Shop

Oaktown Spice Shop on Grand Ave in Oakland CAWhat they offer: An unparalleled assortment of freshly ground spices; hand-mixed spice blends made from their own ground spices; recipe suggestions; and a beautiful shopping experience, filled with aromatic scents floating through your shopping experience. Also, outstanding quality and service. OMG. We could go on.

Address: 546 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone:  (510) 201-5400


Website: www.oaktownspiceshop.com/

Neighborhood: Grand Ave, Grand Lake District, Lake Merritt

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