Queen Hippie Gypsy: Shop Local for Magic Moments

Queen Hippie Gypsy and Shop Local Magic MomentsFull disclosure: these are not our words. This is not our story. It’s Queen Hippie Gypsy’s.

But, if you take the time to read it, surely it will explain all you need to know about the joys of shopping local.

In fact, we’ve struggled for over a year now, to describe why we should all embrace a shop local spirit. We’ve written hundreds of blogs and posts on this very important subject.

And, then one day, not too long ago, Queen Hippie Gypsy published this Instagram post (or read on) that explains everything.

Wanna Hear a Magical Story

Queen Hippie Gypsy Creates Shop Local Magic in OaklandSo, one day a group of film students from different schools and walks of life, found themselves shopping inside of Queen Hippie Gypsy–at the very same time. ⁣

If you’re a regular of the store, you know that regular occurrences of magic and connection happen there all the time. ⁣

But this was extra special. This one was completely mind blowing even to me, and I witness divine connections like this every day. ⁣⁣

The Divine Connection

The conversation went something like:
“You’re a film major, I’m a film major.” “Wait, you’re a film major, I’m a film major too”. Three girls, all film students, shopping for crystals at the same time. ⁣

Since none of us who witnessed the magical happenstance believes in coincidences, we knew that there was a divine reason that they were all meeting in that moment. ⁣

They sat and chatted for about an hour that day, exchanged contact information and in true community fashion, began building right away.

Those same students; after just a week of synergistic energy exchanges via text, phone calls and emails, decided that destiny was at play, and that there was no clearer sign that they were aligned and destined to work together than this. ⁣

Quickly they wrote the script to their short film, (it’s a hella dope black women and chakra healing concept) cast the actresses and actors, and began filming right away. ⁣

This past weekend, they concluded the final scenes inside of Queen Hippie Gypsy. ⁣

What’s really mind blowing to me is that they featured an actress to represent me in the movie. ME. Someone played ME in a movie? Lilliannia a.k.a. Punky from East Oakland?⁣

I’m still climbing my own ladders, overcoming my own shadows, shattering my own self imposed glass ceilings. Yet someone out there thought that it was important to represent my character in their story. ⁣

Incredibly Honored

Queen Hippie Gypsy and Shop Local Magic MomentsAll that I can say is that I’m incredibly honored. My only question is, how did they accurately depict the things that I say and do inside of the store when no one is watching? ⁣

I didn’t contribute to their lines. ⁣

Watch the video. It shows a glimpse of that part. ⁣

The whole thing to me is just simply magical and I am incredibly proud of them!

And to that We Said…

Queen Hippie Gypsy Creates Shop Local Magic MomentsWe read this post and had a genuine eureka moment: That’s why we should all shop local. You can’t buy magic moments on the internet. Naturally, we responded to her post immediately with that insight.

About Queen Hippie Gypsy

Queen Hippie Gypsy Oakland, CAShop here for: Healing Crystals, Eccentric Accessories, Yoga Apparel, Spiritual Baths, Smudge Kits, Incense, Palo Santo, Sage, Affirmation Prayer Candles, Essential Oils, and all things to heal the spirit and calm the soul. Proudly a black owned business. Open, caring, accepting, and safe environment.

Address: 337 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 250-9596
Neighborhood: Downtown Oakland, Uptown Oakland

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