Walden Pond Books: A Refuge from the Hustle of Life

Walden Pond Books, Grand Ave., Oakland, CAEverybody knows about Walden Pond Books, right? Afterall, it is a Grand Ave institution in Oakland since 1973. It’s won the award for Best Bookstore in Oakland Magazine’s “Best of Oakland” and many other accolades throughout the years. For good reason. The process of discovering a new read at Walden Pond is a sensory delight. Dive into the vast book selections and listen to the floors creak their old bookstore music notes. Peruse old records and CDs, or admire other art-y-facts. Indeed, you may get lost for a few hours but you’ll be sure to return. It is a refuge from the hustle of life. Or are we just nerdy?

No doubt, book shops like this one are the epitome of shop local experiences. And, the endeavor is exponentially enhanced if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Relax and browse forever. Check out the Staff Picks to inspire you. Or, definitely chat with the knowledgeable, friendly, and bookish staff right there. Hands down, it’s a rewarding journey that ecommerce giants can’t replicate. They only have their soulless algorithms to make suggestions. Meanwhile, Walden Pond Books is a book-adoring community.

Walden Pond Books, Grand Ave., Oakland, CAHere’s a little bonus: You may very well find yourself getting more for your spend while your at it. No need to take our word for it though. We can summarize a comment from a customer that Paul once shared with us (we wish we had the original quote). Basically, this customer observed that he saves a lot of money by shopping at Walden Pond Books. This localist customer has enjoyed every book that Walden Pond has recommended. But, his experiences are the opposite with online book shopping. Net, Walden Pond makes reading enjoyable and ensures customers don’t waste so much money on soulless suggestions for a new read.

More About Walden Pond Books

Walden Pond Books, Grand Ave., Oakland, CAWhat they offer: A marvelous old bookstore experience; a wide selection of books with staff members having expertise in specific categories; a rare book room; cds and records; postcards; love Oakland curios; interesting gifts; art;  and, a community of book loving peeps!

Address: 3316 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: (510) 832-4438

Instagram: www.instagram.com/waldenpondbooks/

Website: www.waldenpondbooks.com/

Neighborhood: Grand Ave, Grand Lake District

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