Flax Art & Design Paints a Priceless Shop Local Picture

Flax Art & Design is in downtown Oakland, an under appreciated neighborhood. As such, it’s dynamic shopping scene is often ignored. And Flax is even off that rather unbeaten shopping path–at Martin Luther King and 15th. But the good news is it’s ever so accessible and they have parking!

The better news is that, when you get there, you’ll find what many happy customers describe as a “candy store for creatives.” And for non-visual artists, it’s at least an ice cream shop for the imagination. It’s about a good few thousand square feet of everything you can imagine that might help you take your creative talents up a notch or two.  Let’s just say, if you need art supplies this is the only place you need to go.

The Shop Local Picture

But that’s only part of the story and it has already been written–many times over. Even more importantly, Flax paints an original and priceless shop local picture that depicts why it’s so essential to do so. And, like the visiting the Mona Lisa, it’s something you have to experience for yourself. 

And, three generations of the Flax family have contributed to this beautiful canvas. Indeed, it’s been a Bay Area institution since 1938. Luckily, they to moved to Oakland in 2016. Howard Flax is of the third generation of the family nurturing the artist community. Along with his staff of artists, designers, and musicians, there’s a lot of knowledge, experience, and passion for artistic expression in that building.

And their mission is to bring out the best in you to enjoy your talent. For one, it’s a place for young aspiring artists to imagine their creative potential. Or, for novices, to take in some much needed advice on techniques and tricks. And, it’s for professionals to expand their artistic vision. And for all artists, at any level, it’s a community.

We cannot help but wonder how many creative souls they’ve served and inspired. You just can’t buy that on the internet. 

More about Flax Art & Design

Flax Art & Design OaklandWhat Flax Carries: art tools, art supplies, everything, community, classes, workshops,

Address: 1501 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: 510-867-2324

Instagram: @flaxart

Website: www.flaxart.com

Neighborhood: Downtown Oakland, Uptown Oakland

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