Montclair Sports Wins Medal for Shop Local Experiences

Montclair Sports, Oakland CAMontclair Sports is an old-school sporting goods shop in the heart of Montclair Village. Indeed, it’s been proudly serving Montclair Village and the broader Oakland community since 1957. And beloved owner, Tom Revelli, is the proprietor who diligently preserves the old-fashioned practices of local retailing. It’s as if he’s an anthropologist that conserves a long lost culture and its customs. In this case, it’s shop local traditions.

The Old-School Way

As such, when you approach the shop, it’s unimposing, modest street presence might lead you to believe that it has a very limited assortment of sporting necessities. You’ll likely doubt it has what you need. But upon entering, the shop will magically open up–like some Harry Potter scene–into a comprehensive selection. Of course, Tom is usually right there to warmly greet you.

Montclair Sports Oakland, CAAs you browse around, you’ll see some customers that are well acquainted with Tom and his staff. All are on a first name basis and you’ll hear some very friendly banter. Everybody is having a good time. And it’s infectious.

Our recommendation is to ask Tom or his employees for help whether it’s baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, swimming, running, snowboarding and skiing, skateboarding or any other sport. They’ll delight you with their decades of expertise. No doubt, they’ll tell you something you didn’t know which will help with your purchase decisions. And by the end of your visit, you’ll feel part of the Montclair Sports family.

In short, Tom safeguards the values that ensure shopping can still be the pleasurable local pastime that Corporate America began to decimate 50 years ago.

A Typical Medal-Worthy Shop Local Experience

Happily, we’ve done some old-fashioned local shopping at Montclair Sports. One of our favorite shop local stories is about my last running shoes purchase I made there.

Danielle accompanied me on my shopping expedition to Montclair Sports. We marveled that Tom always carries the latest running shoe styles and innovations without having endless aisles of options. And, he has an outstanding product and price mix. It’s true of all the other categories too. But, on this day we were studying the wall of women’s runners.

Tom immediately jumped in to help. He listened to my wants and needs, and usage. He arrived at some solid recommendations and explained each one. And then, the process of trying on commenced. I arrived at a favorite–a pair of the latest and priciest Brooks.

Then, he did something unexpected: He advised me to consider the previous year’s model as the only notable change was in the colors and, as old inventory, they were much cheaper. He left to get a pair. We were left to wonder how often that happens at national retailers (hint: not often).

As it turned out, I found that I absolutely couldn’t “run” in the ghastly color scheme of the previous year. So, I bought the more spendy pair.

But we both felt very well taken care of. It was yet another exceptional experience there.

More About Montclair Sports

Montclair Sports, Oakland CAWhat they offer: baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, swimming, running, lacrosse, snowboarding and skiing, skateboarding, active footwear, ski rentals, decades of expertise, family vibe, community leadership, and more!

Address: 1970 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, CA 94611

Phone: (510) 339-9313

Instagram: N/A


Neighborhood: Montclair Village


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