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You’ve just entered the shop and it’s action packed. Staff are grinding and mixing spices, organizing shelves, and chatting with customers. And both familiar and exotic aromas waft by your nose and it prompts you to ask someone – anyone – what is that delicately sweet smelling spice? Now you know you need high-quality, freshly ground spices in your life. And, you feel compelled to explore this exotic world more. Soon, you are experimenting with anything and everything they have to offer. 

Yep, you are in Oaktown Spice Shop love and it’s a type of love you’ll just have to share.  

Meet John and Erica

Oaktown Spice Shop is one big spicy Oaktown love story. However, it begins in Milwaukee, where co-owner John Beaver first fell in love with spices. He was a high school student when his spice world opened up during a visit to a venerable local spice shop. Indeed, his life changed forever when the owner saw his enthusiasm and hired him for it. 

Sometime later, foodie Erica Perez, fell in love with John. It was after he made her, what must have been, one delicious pizza from scratch. The pair moved to Oakland in 2009 and discovered a food-loving culture that lacked high quality spice options. The seed of Oaktown Spice Shop was planted. And in 2011, they opened their first shop to bring their expertise and passion for spices to their friends, neighbors, and the entire community. 

And ever since then, Oakland has been falling in love with Erica, John, and Oaktown Spice Shop.

EriCa & John’s favorites

Perhaps you’re looking for the highest quality essentials for your pantry. Or maybe you want to explore new spices and recipes to up your shelter-in-place culinary skills. Or maybe you just want to buy a special gift for your favorite hobbyist chef. We love these spices and we think you will too.

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Store location & HOURS


546 Grand Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610

Closed Monday, Sept. 7 for Labor Day
Order online or by phone for next-day pickup.
Pickup hours: 12-5pm daily

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oaktownspice/
Neighborhood: Grand Ave, Grand Lake District, Lake Merritt