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When we Live Local, it strengthens community, creates diversity, and enriches all of our lives.  

So, LOCALMOTIV is on a happy mission to inspire a Shop Local spirit in Oakland and everywhere. 

Come shopping with us on our e-Main Street and explore all that our Oakland Indies have to offer. Experience the joys of bricks and mortar while shopping online — and make your genuine impact.

we are starting in Oakland

Come Shopping with us!
  • Oaktown Spice Shop  


    Peak in the window and find: An unparalleled, high-quality assortment of freshly ground spices; hand-mixed spice blends; herbs, salts; teas; and gift boxes. Then, get ready to experience the aromatically intoxicating spice scents as they waft by your nose and through the shop. Also, enjoy expert service and lots of enthusiastic culinary discussion. Go shopping! 

    Grand Ave.
  • Walden Pond Books  


    Look inside and you’ll see that they offer a marvelous old bookstore experience. You can almost hear the creaks in the well-trodden wood floor as you observe the wide selection of books; rare book room; cds and records; Oakland curios; gift-y items; art; and more. Yes, their book-loving employees are loaded with expertise. Go shopping!

  • Why Shop Local: Reason #1  


    THE LOCAL ECONOMY. Shopping small is better for the economy of our communities. When we spend locally, more money remains in our local economies and creates growth. It generates a chain reaction: We shop local, those proprietors buy local products and services, and then those businesses buy from other local establishments. And so on.  

  • Why Shop Local: Reason #2  


    ORIGINALITY. Independents bring us uniqueness, variety, and quality. Perhaps because they value originality. Each has their own distinctive creative vision. Indeed, many owners design and produce their wares themselves. And they are huge supporters of the locally-made movement. So, they curate products made by talented artists and makers. And we get to express our individuality.

  • Urban Indigo  


    From the window, you’ll get the idea that you can find a perfect gift for anybody who’s hard to buy for. Peruse handmade jewelry, distinctive home goods, must-have personal accessories, Oakland curios, well-curated tchotchkes, and so much more. Enjoy the cards that’ll make you LOL. Yes, they’ve got a wicked sense of humor. Go shopping!

    Lakeshore Ave.
  • Bay-Made  


    Inside, you’ll quickly see owner, Sarahjane’s dedication to the locally-made movement. Her hard work pays off for shoppers. Indeed, it’s a high-quality and affordable selection of goods from Bay Area artists and makers. So, you’ll enjoy shopping for artwork, jewelry, crafts, plants and pots, cards, home decor, art supplies, and other cool curios. Go shopping!

  • Adventure Toys  


    They make learning an adventure. Discover an expansive collection of unique toys that will amuse, occupy, and challenge your kids. Indeed, all are curated to expand knowledge and build skills. Most importantly, the activities have to be fun. They have science kits, crafts kits, puzzles, games, lego, stickers, books, crafts, and more. Go shopping! 

  • Shop Oakland Indies Listing  


    Explore 150+ merchants in our guide about how to shop small and enjoy local art during the pandemic. You’ll find essential information like: sales; product news; events and classes; art exhibitions; store hours; online shopping info; and shop by appointment details. It has epic shopping tips and all the necessary links to shop in Oaktown!

  • About Online Ave  


    Online Ave. is a place to browse and shop at our favorite “So Oakland” independent retailers that have closed their bricks and mortar doors. Whether it was COVID-19 or other business reasons, we miss them. But, they’re still a big part of our online vibe. So take a stroll — here — on Online Ave.

    Online Ave
  • Issues  


    Issues delivers the best of print media to your home. So, happily, they still serve Oakland and everywhere online. They have the hard-to-find magazines and books that cover your favorite issues. As a bricks and mortar, it was the ultra cool shop for  people seeking information about world issues, special interests or absorbing hobbies.  

thanks for shopping with us!

Alkali Rye

Shopping here is like shopping for art. It’s  because they believe that liquor is best enjoyed when it’s made by craftspeople who love their artform — alcohol. So, if you’re in search of small batch, hard-to-find, local, and specialty spirits, this place will uplift your spirits!!! And they have so much more to delight you too. “Sip well, friends!” 

oaktown spice shop

walden pond books

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