Local Wine Shops Near Me: The Perfect Last Minute (Holiday) Shopping

by | Dec 20, 2018

The problem with googling “wine stores near me”

You just googled “wine stores near me” or “best wine stores near me” to solve one of your biggest holiday entertaining challenges. You need a bottle or two to bring to a dinner, give as a gift, or for you own evening. The results, not surprisingly, do not build your confidence that you will find what you need. You get review sites, e-commerce sites, generic places to buy wine like big box retailers. All the same old search results. Whether you have some wine experience like me or you are a novice, these searches are not going to help you.

Wine on Piedmont in Oakland, California

Proprietors like Brian Goehry can help you find the perfect bottle at a price you want to pay.

Think “local” wine stores near me, find an indie wine store, and shop local

We are so lucky in Oakland! There are a ton of great independently owned wine stores. These are truly the best wine stores in Oakland and we are rich with options. Now, if you are familiar with our blogs, you know that Farmstead Cheeses & Wines is one of the favorites. But there are definitely others that will dazzle you. Oakland Yard in Temescal and Minimo in Jack London Square are two others that we visit and support. And we were delighted when we visited Wine and Piedmont and chatted with owner, Brian Goehry. Of course, there are many others too, like Bay Grape, but we just haven’t been to them all.

Why local wine shops?

There are too many good reasons to buy your holiday wine (and all wine for that matter) at your local independent wine store. They have friendly knowledgeable staff that know how to ask you about your tastes, objectives, and price range to help navigate to the right bottles. The expertly curated unique selections will make your purchase that much more special. And, you would definitely be remiss to not go to a wine tasting or two to learn more about wine.

Perhaps most importantly, when you build relationships with your favorite owner and staff, you will happily discover that they will develop this uncanny knack to make fantastic new recommendations that you would never have discovered otherwise. They open up your wine world in a way that the chain stores and e-commerce sites cannot. It makes every bottle you buy an even better value! 

And then there is just the overall positive impact that you make by buying locally in your community.

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Before you go

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