Living life as Localists

Local is our passionWe believe that being local strengthens community, creates diversity, and enriches our lives. Our goal is to spread the joys of shopping locally, whether in stores or online at our new one-stop local marketplace  – launching soon!

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Living and loving the life of a localist.  Stories about the importance of shopping local
and other topics.

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Building a localist community where we can inspire each other to think and act just a little more locally.

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Connecting shoppers who crave a local shopping experience to local independent merchants online.

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What is a localist? One who aspires to think and act more locally, motivated by an awareness of the positive economic and social impact for their city. They believe that being local strengthens community. Their local habits include paying attention to local politics and endeavoring to spend their money locally.

“Each dollar you spend at an independent business returns an average of 3 times more money to your community than spending at a chain — a benefit we all can bank on.”

– American Independent Business Alliance


Community, Connection, Impact

We value our communities and the sense of belonging they provide us.

And we know that independent merchants are the bedrock of our neighborhoods too.

We also admire independent merchants because of their ingenuity, individualism, and boundless energy. They share their passion and vision with us in a way that cannot be replicated through soulless algorithms brought to us by companies in the relentless pursuit of profit over people. So we are happiest when we are shopping locally at our favorite stores because then we are not just buying products, we are sharing engaging experiences.

That is why we are on a mission to connect shoppers to local independent merchants. We will do this by creating a brand new e-commerce platform that provides engaging one-stop local shopping experiences. Shopping “local” will now be easier and more fun than ever.

The casual encounters you enjoy at independent businesses and the public spaces around them nurture relationships, community cohesiveness, and smiles. They’re the ultimate social networking sites!

– American Independent Business Alliance

Meet Our Team

Sarah Stefaniuk

Sarah Stefaniuk


Is an altruistic entrepreneur who desires to make a positive impact on the world around us. For her, LOCALMOTIV, Inc. is more than just a business, it is her platform to make a difference.

“I have spent the last 20+ years of my life preparing for this moment when one of my crazy ideas would grab me and shake me to the core, compelling me to take risks and do things I would not normally do.”

She is the curious person who always asks why? But now she finds herself asking “why not.”

Danielle Pelczarski

Danielle Pelczarski


Is always looking to make a difference. Indeed, she has answered that call by serving as an Officer in the United States Navy for over 25 years, not to mention navigating through a thriving civilian career at the same time.

It is obvious that her experience includes a hard-to-find combination of business, creative, strategic, and operational expertise derived from a productive 30-year career across diverse business sectors and the United States Navy. In both careers she possesses the “let’s get this done” mentality. She is in the constant and relentless pursuit of operational excellence.

Ivetta Starikova

Ivetta Starikova


Ivetta is the big heart of the LOCALMOTIV team and is grounded in localist values.  This means that she is in constant search to solve immediate problems and to effect positive change in the community around her. So LOCALMOTIV provides the perfect opportunity to marry her values with her “all action” attitude and experience in the tech sector to bring project LOCALMOTIV to life.

She has a dream to create a tech work environment that is the exact opposite of what we have all come to expect. Her philosophy is that a safe, diverse, and dynamic environment will produce a better product and better people.

our friends at summery.ai created ‘the kind quiz’ personality test that measures five core attributes: Integrity, Empathy, Agility, Innovation & Disruption.  Altruism is very important to us.  After all, LOCALMOTIV is our platform to make a positive social impact.  So we took ‘The Kind Quiz’ and it was astoundingly accurate.  See our Kindness profiles below.  Learn more about it and take the test for yourself!



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