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01/17/19 0 Valentine's Day Planning. Go Local. Here's why.

Ordering flowers online v. local florists

We read an article on amiba about why ordering flowers online can be an underwhelming experience and how to avoid the almost inevitable outcome. It is a quick read and we think it is very informative.

It reminded us of all the times we have had disappointing experiences buying flowers online. Somehow, the flowers you order online look so vibrant and beautiful but the delivered product, not so much. We all have been part of this scenario: the givers watch the recipient awkwardly exclaim “Oh… how beautiful!” when both can clearly see the bouquet is half dead.

But, the solution is so easy: trust and consult with your favorite local florists.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching amiba inspired us to think about local Valentine’s Day ideas for this upcoming Thursday, February 14th. Hint: we think by shopping locally, the big day can be everything you want and more.

We call our solution the “Valentine’s Day trifecta.”

Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Oakland

A simple google search for “florists in Oakland” (or any other city for that matter) will show independent flower shops all over Oakland, in practically every neighborhood.

Also important is that almost every neighborhood in Oakland has at least one independent wine store and a plethora of specialty gift shops. This means that most neighborhoods in Oakland can help you put together the perfect Valentine’s Day trifecta: flowers, wine or bubbly, and indulgent chocolate… You can plus up the experience too with additional thoughtful and romantic gifts. So maybe it should be called a local “Valentine’s Day trifecta plus.”

No need for online ordering this Valentine’s Day!

But a little planning for Valentine’s day is essential. It makes it much easier if you already know where you want to shop. Then, go to each store and make sure you talk to the staff about what you are looking for, and let them guide you to their products that will best help you create a most successful Valentine’s Day celebration.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special 1,2,3

Here is what it could look like in Montclair Village 1) Stop by Flowers by Myrna, 2) walk over to Farmstead Cheeses and Wines and pick up your bottle. 3) They also usually have an assortment of chocolates that will surprise and delight. 3+) Then if you want to do the “Trifecta Plus,” head over to Pelago on Medau or next door to Mix Shade Store & More and find a little present that is sure to please. Now that is one-stop local shopping in Oakland!

Valentine’s Day Resources in Other Oakland Neighborhoods 1,2,3

These are ideas only, to stimulate thought and discussion about shopping locally for Valentine’s Day.

Piedmont/Temescal: Crimson Horticultural Rarities, J. Miller Flowers & Gifts, Arjan Flowers and Herbs, Wine on Piedmont, Oakland Yard Wine Shop, The Wine Mine
Jack London Square/Old Oakland/Downtown: Moonstar Florist,Seulberger’s Florist & Gifts, Minimo Wine Shop
Uptown Oakland/Lake Merritt: Apple Blossom Florist, Sweet Bloom, Downtown Wine Merchants
Grand Avenue/Lakeshore: Brother and Sisters Flower Shop, Ordinaire Wine Shop and Wine Bar
Rockridge: Wisteria Rockridge, Paul Marcus Wines, Vino!, Nathan & Co.

Please share with us your perfect Valentine’s Day trifecta plus. We want to know so we can update this blog with your input!

Also, please visit our Facebook page. We would love for you to like and follow us if you are interested in all things independent local merchants in Oakland and beyond. We are building a community of “localists” to talk, share, and shop local.

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