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12/26/18 0 Best New Year's Resolutions: Think Local

Now that Christmas is over and the new year is fast approaching, you are probably considering your new year’s resolution options, many of which you have tried before and failed. We suggest considering a new new year’s resolution that is easy and satisfying to accomplish, fun, and is very, very good for you and your community.

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amiba, Oakland Grown

12/20/18 0 Shop Local in Oakland: Last Minute (Holiday) Wine Shopping

Christmas and New Year’s is around the corner and you need wine and bubbly pronto. The best thing to do: think local and here’s why. You will find that the best wine stores in Oakland are independently owned.

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Minimo, Farmhouse Cheeses and Wines, Oakland Yard

12/08/18 0 The Art of Gift Shopping

Do you ever find it hard to buy gifts and find gift shopping a monumental challenge that you put off to the very last minute? Here are some tips to transform the chore into a fun event where you will likely end up with something special too!

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Umami Mart, Pelago, Marion + Rose, Toyhouse, Sophie's Cuppa Tea, Alchemy Bottle Shop

02/25/18 0 Local Heroes: the benefits of buying local

Local independent merchants are often the ones leading the charge to build and expand our communities. Their contributions give us one more great reason to care about shopping locally.

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Local Heroes, Judy Wicks, Oakland Merchants


What? We are writing about shopping on Thanksgiving weekend already? Yes. Yes we are. Believe it or not, Oakland’s local retailers are already in the planning phases to deliver a dynamic shopping event on this most sacred shopping weekend. And we want to tell you about it!

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