//Our Motiv-ation

Community, Connection, Impact

We value our communities and the sense of belonging they provide us.

And we know that independent merchants are the bedrock of our neighborhoods too.

We also admire independent merchants because of their ingenuity, individualism, and boundless energy. They share their passion and vision with us in a way that cannot be replicated through soulless algorithms brought to us by companies in the relentless pursuit of profit over people. So we are happiest when we are shopping locally at our favorite stores because then we are not just buying products, we are sharing engaging experiences.

But we worry that local independent merchants are heading for extinction as e-commerce giants, big box retailers, and national chains continue to gain share of our wallets.

But they do not gain share of our hearts.

That is why we are on a mission to connect shoppers to local independent merchants. We will do this by creating a brand new e-commerce platform that provides engaging one-stop local shopping experiences. Shopping "local" will now be easier and more fun than ever.

Local Shopping Open
Oakland shopping

Why Oakland, CA?

Our lives are in Oakland, CA. As such, we have the privilege of establishing this business in a diverse and community-oriented city. It is a "localist's" burgeoning dreamland with plenty of independent merchants, restaurants, and events to keep the community unique.

We think it is the perfect place to launch this platform.

The Team

Sarah Stefaniuk

Is an altruistic entrepreneur who desires to make a positive impact on the world around us.

"I have spent the last 20+ years of my life preparing for this moment when one of my crazy ideas would grab me and shake me to the core, compelling me to take risks and do things I would not normally do."

If she had to describe herself, she might say that she is a creative-yet-strategic problem solver. Lucky for her, she fell into marketing, a discipline that has challenged her to identify and solve countless business, consumer, and shopper problems throughout her career.

"I am the curious person who always asks why? Now I ask, why not?"

Because, she figured out how to solve a problem for local independent merchants and their loyal shoppers alike.

And it is all grounded in her passion for local shopping. As it turns out, she have been a locavore all her life without realizing it. It was only recently that she started to contemplate what being a localist means to her. She explains, “I seek out local experiences for many different reasons. For one thing, the choices are just superior. More importantly though, I like to spend my money where I have a connection to the people with whom I do business.”

LOCALMOTIV, Inc. is more than just a business, it is her platform to make a difference.

Danielle Pelczarski

Is always looking to make a difference. Indeed she has answered that call by serving as an Officer in the United States Navy for over 25 years, not to mention navigating through a thriving civilian career at the same time.

"My experience includes a hard-to-find combination of business, creative, strategic, and operational expertise derived from a productive 30-year career across diverse business sectors and the United States Navy." In both careers she possesses the "let's get this done" mentality. She is in the constant and relentless pursuit of operational excellence.

It is truly a unique and perfect combination of private sector and military work experience, education, and leadership training that will help her set up LOCALMOTIV, Inc. for success in this compelling business launch.